Travel Buddies

Travelling and weekend getaways have become more popular than ever, and many brands are taking good advantage of this fact.

Here are two brands that have become our travel buddies, and often come up to people’s mind when they think of a vacation.


Airbnb is known for providing accommodation, ranging from the basic to luxurious ones.

This picture is a beautiful one which showcases an example of the homestays that they provide. It makes me want to book my tickets and rent this beautiful house amidst nature to enjoy my time away from the city life. On Facebook, the same image has 100k likes, 2.9k comments and 11,751 shares. The high level of engagement assures that this picture evokes a sense of temptation to stay at the exact same place or at least consider Airbnb for our next vacation.

This image could have been captured in a 360-degree mode to show the nature around it, which would have made it more appealing to the target audience.


GoPro puts up pictures on Instagram taken by its users every day, which is a brilliant way of engaging with them. This image is stunning and displays the features of the camera(i.e. it is waterproof and takes high-resolution pictures) effectively. Hence, it entices the audience to not have second thoughts about purchasing the camera, especially for the people going on an adventure trip. Co-incidentally this image also uses the brand colours- back and blue.

GoPro understands the need of millennials to take good pictures and has built a community of brand evangelists who share their experiences in the form of images/videos (curate, not create). It is a win-win situation for both, GoPro and the customers because the users get featured and gain fame, which in turn helps the brand to build attractive Social Media profiles, which are easier to trust and connect to, mainly because the users itself speak for the brand.

Lastly, both of the images are clear and can be universally understood as they transcend language/culture barriers.

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