Social Media Playbook – Canadian Red Cross


The Canadian Red Cross Society is a Canadian philanthropic charitable association, and one of 190 national Red Cross and Red Crescent social orders. The association gets financing from both private gifts and from Canadian government divisions.

Social Media Platforms:

Red Cross is present on the following Social Media platforms where they engage with their fans, followers, and community.


  1. Analyze: Through Social media platforms, they can analyze the likes and dislikes of the target audience to create compelling content accordingly.
  2. Donations: Driving donations to get funding for the campaigns.
  3. Awareness: Raise awareness about their work, achievements and current campaigns to the stakeholders.
  4. Social Listening: Understanding whether the content is appealing to the audience through Social Listening.
  5. Online Reputation Management: Responding to both negative and positive comments in order to maintain the brand’s image.
  6. Connections: Social Media platforms are a great channel to build and maintain connections with their users.

Social Media On Point


  1. Canadian Red Cross posts a ‘Photo of the week’ once a week, generally of children, to make the audience feel more emotionally connected to the brand. These posts can help to generate a sense of sympathy in the audience leading to donations. Below are some examples of their ‘Photo of the week’ posts:

2. The Canadian Red Cross shares informative posts that are consistent with the brand image, to prepare the audience for possibilities of any upcoming disasters and the ideas to overcome them. Here are examples of the informative posts that they have shared. You can click on the images below to read the entire blog post.

3. Situational Video:

4. Work Updates:

The Canadian Red Cross shares updates about the work they have done with their Social Media audience. It is a good practice because the contributors will feel that their money is going towards a worthwhile cause. Below is an example of the posts that they have shared about the work they did:


  1. Assisting the users with a detailed and comprehensive response to their queries, not leaving it ambiguous or open to interpretations.

2. Addressing the negative feedbacks and trying to resolve them by talking to the concerned individual directly.

3. Responding to appreciations in order to make the audience feel more connected to the brand.

4. Responding to general queries as much as possible.

The Scope of Improvement

  1. They can be more consistent with their posts by maintaining a theme and a schedule.
  2. They can reduce the time they take to reply.
  3. They can personalize their replies.



At St. John Ambulance their focal objective is to engage Canadians to upgrade their prosperity, security and individual fulfilment by giving training and network administrations.

Interaction on Social Media

  1. They just react to worries that require a higher measure of consideration.

2. The brand hardly engages with its audience.


  • St John Ambulance ought to urge the fans to connect more with the brand.
  • Customized message answers to fans who post gratefulness can build the fan involvement.
  • Giving subtleties on workshop and sessions to the gathering of people who look for data in the remarks can assist them with building an affinity with the fans.

These recommendations are made in light of the fact that by applying them the brand can convey all the more effectively with its target audience. 

The Scope of Improvement for the Canadian Red Cross Society

  • Responding to strong with a customized message will assist the brand with increasing brand dependability.
  • Sharing links to the ‘Donate’ page will urge the target audience to give.
  • Reacting to positive remarks through responses will excite the audience to collaborate more.

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