SkipTheDishes- Social Media Measurement & Tracking

SkipTheDishes is a food delivery company in Canada. It was established in the year 2013 and is growing at a fast pace. This blog talks about the various Social Media platforms that they have used and a brief audit of the same.


They are using the following platforms:


Facebook is the most dominant Social Media platform. SkipTheDishes uses it for festive greetings, to share pictures of food(because that is what the brand is about) and to update the users about their latest deals.

They generally post every alternate day, but on special occasions like festivals (Halloween/Diwali), they post twice a day or 2 days back to back. Their posts are usually about food. They also share branded posts for their promotion. They could focus more on their Online Reputation Management because many negative comments are still visible on their page without getting any acknowledgment by the brand.


Instagram is a visuals-centric platform. SkipTheDishes’ Instagram feed is aesthetic and is mainly comprised of food pictures, with some Festive Greetings’ posts lately.


As we know, LinkedIn is a platform to build your professional network, and SkipTheDishes uses it accurately by sharing details about their company, the people working there and any job opportunities available.



Twitter is mostly used to stay updated about the current events and to interact via Tweets. The Twitter feed of SkipTheDishes is similar to their Facebook page, except they run polls and re-tweet occasionally. Additionally, they also respond to people’s queries, compliments or complains on this platform.

Determining Reasonable Metrics Target Number for SkipTheDishes

Brands should analyze the performance of their competitors and different organizations in similar fields.

At this point, we need to produce a report of our measurements and utilizing this as a benchmark, we can roll out the fundamental improvements to our brand’s online networking content. Accordingly, we should then set our metric’s objective numbers higher than our competitors’, with the goal that we can stay aggressive in the market. We can also examine past performance reports, and create similar posts to those that have high engagement rates and show positive sentiments.

SkipTheDishes’ major competitor is UberEats.

UberEats also has an active presence on all the above platforms- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.


Platform Used for Audit: Instagram

Posts: 896

Followers: 197k

Following: 145

Engagement Rate on Instagram= (Likes + Comments)*100/No. of followers

Thus, the engagement rate for the above post calculated on Nov 9, 2018 would be:

(4320+65)*100/197000 = 2.22%

Social Media Metrics & Tools


Below are a few important metrics and tools:

a) Clicks: An action that opens up a post, website or a form depending on what the user clicks on. It is a very basic but important metric to track user engagement. Tool: Buffer

b) CTR: Click Through Rate is the number of clicks as a percentage of total impressions. Impressions mean the number of times an ad was served to a unique visitor.

Source: Wikimedia

Tool: Google Analytics

c) Engagement (social interactions) – Engagement are metrics that show how the audience is interacting with one’s content. On Social Media, it refers to likes, questions/replies/comments or shares, retweets, reposts, and re-grams. Tool: Hootsuite

d) Engagement Rate: This is the amount of engagement, i.e. the number of likes, comments, shares etc. a post receives relative to one’s total number of followers. Tool: Facebook Business Manager

e) Hashtag Performance: It is used to understand how effective a hashtag has been in terms of increasing the reach of the content and user engagement, i.e. re-using the hashtag, Twitter trends etc. Tool:

f) Organic Likes: The number of likes generated without making any payment. Tools: Facebook Insights, Hootsuite

g) Paid Likes: The number of likes generated by paid promotions or ads. Tools: Facebook Insights, Hootsuite

h) Reach: The number of unique users that see your content. Tools: Facebook Insights, Hootsuite

i) Sentiment: Sentiment is how the audience perceives a brand’s content. It can be positive, negative or neutral. Tool: Hootsuite, Sysomos


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