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The concept of Pre-Marital Sex is a taboo in India, however, Durex stands out by promoting the use of protection in the sassiest manner. It knows its target audience well and the humour-based content makes them one of the wittiest brand in this category. On Instagram, @DurexIndia, has 104k followers, 233 posts (as of January 23, 2020) and surprisingly they follow literally no one. They actively participate in the latest market trends and make optimum utilization of ongoing opportunities and conversations. Love Sex-Durex, the brand not always talks about Sex, Relationship or their wide range of products, but they are also socially responsible and do not shy away from discussing sensitive topics like Gender Inequality, Sexual Orientations even in the conservative Indian society. Be it their creatives or videos, background music or storytelling, they always win our hearts.

Orgasm Inequality Campaign

Although the campaign was not just limited to India, we focused on only one country for now. In India, reactions are always negative when it comes to sex toys, orgasms and female masturbation. These reactions have stigmatized women from expressing, or even having sexual desires. The shame associated with these topics has prevented women from talking about their needs or the fact that they need to fake orgasms.

Durex thought that it is high time and they brought to attention the fact that sex is not only about mutual consent but also about mutual pleasure. To address these issues, they came up with a campaign called “Orgasm Inequality” backed up by research showing that 70% of women in India fake their orgasms. The primary hashtag was #OrgasmInequality along with other hashtags like #DurexMutualClimax, #ComeTogether, #IFakedItToo, #FakeOrgasms and #OrgasmsDecodedWithPoojaBedi. The video not-so-subtly describes the act using the metaphor of a meal to show the stages that men and women go through during sex and how often the end can be a bit anti-climactic. In the end, it shows how powerfully pleasurable it can be when you #ComeTogether. I love the way the woman fake smiles when the man has finished his meal – it displays the entire purpose, keeping in mind the Indian market.

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India, we need to talk. #OrgasmInequality

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Various well-known celebrities and influencers came forward and participated in the campaign. The message was integrated across various platforms (Social Media, Television, Print Media, etc.) and they also collaborated with a famous blog called Scoopwhoop.


The campaign was a huge success gathering maximum conversation, reach, and impression. The engagement rate for @DurexIndia went up by 21% for certain posts. The campaign’s key idea, tagged as #OrgasmInequality, was the most associated keyword during the campaign – facilitating the purpose of engraving the idea in the minds of viewers. The campaign gained more than 7 million impressions and 3 million video views. 

The overall campaign had 5 different hashtags.

Reach: 11 Mn+
Impression: 24 Mn+
Engagement: 55,000+
Users: 3000+
Conversations: 7800+

Reach: 4 Mn+
Impression: 9 Mn+
Engagement: 178000+
Users: 800+
Conversations: 3600+

Reach: 2 Mn+
Impression: 4 Mn+
Engagement: 185000+
Users: 400+
Conversations: 1300+

Reach: 2.5 Mn+
Impression: 12 Mn+
Engagement: 700+
Users: 700+
Conversations: 6000+

Reach: 7.1 Mn+
Impression: 30 Mn+
Engagement: 1900+
Users: 1900+
Conversations: 14000+

Apart from understanding and analyzing the campaign, we have also come up with a creative, keeping in mind the tone and voice that Durex India uses and the latest trends. We used one of the hashtags used by Durex during the campaign – #ComeTogether.

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